Friday, February 13, 2009

Self Check-Up 2

Here are the records against the spread of all the teams I've touched on so far, with some added commentary.

Golden State Warriors: 4-3-1

What I said then (1/27): We are big fans of Golden State right now...

What I say now: Still improving, and now without Biedrins. Don't underestimate Ronnie Turiaf, however, as his defensive presence is stronger than Biedrins and Golden State doesn't need any scoring out of him.

Philadelphia 76ers: 4-2-2

What I said then (1/27): The 76ers are a better team than they’ve shown so far this year, so expect a big improvement in the second half as all the pieces begin to come together.

What I say now: Is Elton Brand's contract now the worst in the NBA?

LA Clippers: 2-6

What I said then (1/30): We don't see the Clippers making significant improvements [despite the return of Davis and Randolph] until Chris Kaman returns from injury, and recommend fading the Clippers until then.

What I say now: Kaman isn't expected back until late February and probably won't be at 100% for some time after that, so it's status quo for the lowly Clippers.

Milwaukee Bucks: 4-2

What I said then (1/30): Redd's absence will have a much smaller impact than the public will think...and that presents value in the sports betting marketplace.

What I say now: Ramon Sessions has been even better than I thought he would be, and in fact, even better than Michael Redd. At this point, the public is probably catching on, be careful in the future, but congrats if you listened to us two weeks ago!

New Jersey Nets: 1-2

What I said then (2/06): We highly recommend taking the moneyline rather than the points with the Nets, as they tend to either win the game or lose big.

What I say now: Keep following our advice. Since that article, the Nets beat the Nuggets by 44(!!) as 2.5 point dogs, then lost to Orlando by 17 (+13) and San Antonio by 15 (+5.5). Again, take the moneyline if you like the Nets or avoid them altogether.

Utah Jazz: N/A. The article only applied to Boozer's return, and we're still waiting for that to happen.

All in all, I would say that's a pretty nice start to this series. What do you think? Leave a comment or shoot me an email at!


  1. Nice blog, good info here. keep it up, check out my blog. let me know what you think.

  2. I have been riding Golden State at home and passing on the road. The energy they play with at home is incredible. The oddsmakers are going to catch on eventually, but I still think there are some profits to be squeezed out of Golden State.

  3. Eric - Interesting stuff, thanks for sharing.

    Steve - Great insights, and I think you're spot on. They have always been a great home team, mostly due to their great home crowd - think 2007 playoffs against Dallas...