Saturday, November 28, 2009

NFL Marketwatch - Week 12 Posted

The Week 12 edition of NFL Marketwatch is now posted. Due to a unique holiday NFL schedule, Marketwatch has selected one game for this week's Games To Watch.

Click here to read this week's edition of NFL Marketwatch.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

NFL Marketwatch - Week 11 Posted!

NFL Marketwatch posted another winning record last weekend, getting straight-up victories from Washington and Green Bay while losing Monday night when Baltimore covered the 11-point spread. In Week 11, Marketwatch is taking two double-digit underdogs and one home-favorite. Marketwatch rarely gives points, so be sure to read this week's article to find out why we're finding value in this matchup.

Click here to read the Week 11 edition of NFL Marketwatch.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

College Basketball and Betting Against the Public (November 2009)

We are pleased to bring you this year's College Basketball article on "Betting Against the Public." SportsInsights' research analysts took a closer look at several parameters and ideas that we have mentioned previously. For example, in our College Football "Bet Against the Public" article, we studied why results may have been better for SIs Square Plays versus plain vanilla "betting percentages." In this article, we show that a simple method of using "Number of Bets" can help to "key in on Public games" and improve contrarian results.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

NCAA Football Week 11 and NFL Week 10 Editions of Sports Marketwatch Posted!

Last week, our football editions of Sports Marketwatch were very profitable, going 5-1 combined.

The most recent edition of NCAA Football Marketwatch was our most successful of the season. Two nail-biters and one blowout capped off a 3-0 weekend, pushing our overall record to 17-13 (56.7%).

Click here to read the Week 11 edition of NCAA Football Marketwatch.

Our week 9 edition of NFL Marketwatch won its first two games when Carolina beat the spread against New Orleans and Tennessee beat San Francisco straight up. A touchdown toss from Philip Rivers to Vincent Jackson with 21 seconds left in the game gave San Diego a 1-point win, and Marketwatch its only loss for the weekend.

Click here to read the Week 10 edition of NFL Marketwatch.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

NFL Marketwatch - Week 9 Posted!

Our Games to Watch returned to its winning ways,  posting a 2-1 record last week. In Week 9, Marketwatch hopes to continue to build momentum, taking two underdogs and one NFC East favorite. Click here to read our Week 9 edition of NFL Marketwatch.