Saturday, February 28, 2009

Don Nelson is Crazy

For those not keeping up with our Overnight Injuries, Don Nelson has been benching his star players lately in order to create playing time for the "youngsters". Jamal Crawford was benched Friday, now Stephen Jackson (27ppg, 5rpg, 8apg in February) is out for Sunday , and soon Andris Biedrins (18 points and 13 boards in his first start back from an ankle injury) will see the same fate.

You're kidding me, right? I can understand the desire to start planning for the future, but you have a responsibility to your paying fans to win games NOW. You think people in this economy are looking to spend $50 a ticket to go see Anthony Randoplh and C.J. Watson?

From a gambling perspective, the Warriors are a nightmare because they are completely unpredictable. At the very least, Nelson has announced his benching beforehand, but we still don't know what kind of an impact this is going to have on starters who are playing (who can be nothing but royally pissed off about this) and it's incredibly difficult to analyize the play of rookies and second year guys with no previous starting experience.

For instance, C.J. Watson has been pegged as a talented up-and-comer by Nelson, but managed just 10 points on 3 of 10 shooting in 44 minutes of game action on Friday. 44 minutes! If he was even slightly better than that, the Warriors probably win the game (they lost 112-109 at home to the Bobcats) and cover the -2 spread.

At this point, I have to recommend avoiding the Warriors alltogether. This situation is a mess and for all the talent on that team, Don Nelson's insanity simply can't be overcome. When you're benching a guy who is putting up Lebron-esque numbers for C.J. Watson, you should be fired on the spot. If I were a Golden State season ticket holder I would be demanding my money back, and as a sports bettor, I'm keeping my money well away from Nelson's reach.

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