Saturday, November 14, 2009

NCAA Football Week 11 and NFL Week 10 Editions of Sports Marketwatch Posted!

Last week, our football editions of Sports Marketwatch were very profitable, going 5-1 combined.

The most recent edition of NCAA Football Marketwatch was our most successful of the season. Two nail-biters and one blowout capped off a 3-0 weekend, pushing our overall record to 17-13 (56.7%).

Click here to read the Week 11 edition of NCAA Football Marketwatch.

Our week 9 edition of NFL Marketwatch won its first two games when Carolina beat the spread against New Orleans and Tennessee beat San Francisco straight up. A touchdown toss from Philip Rivers to Vincent Jackson with 21 seconds left in the game gave San Diego a 1-point win, and Marketwatch its only loss for the weekend.

Click here to read the Week 10 edition of NFL Marketwatch.

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